Dear People, my name is Reka, the main author of this blog. Though I write most of these posts, my classmates from my school, CISB, will also help to educate you about the ecological footprint. As you must know, this blog is about the ecological human footprint, which is everything you do, eat, make, or throw away, that leaves a mark on our Earth. Many people’s footprints are huge, and these people are mostly the people who make the most pollution and waste. Nature is in danger from being destroyed by the CO2 and waste we produce. The greenhouse gases are getting larger and larger each day, and our Earth is getting warmer from the global warming. These changes can effect us, humans, very much through our whole lives, and we must do something to reduce how big our footprint is. If you want a happy future, don’t think about the past, act in the present! I am going to write about ways to reduce your ecological footprint later in this blog. Don’t forget to check my blog for more posts later on!

Peace, Reka


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Blanka says:

    Hi Reka!
    I can’t wait to learn about how to reduce my footprint. Please keep us posted regularly! Hugs, Blanka


    1. Reka says:

      Thanks for supporting me i’ll write every week!


  2. Reka says:

    Thank you, I will do my best to write at least once every week!


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