Paper and Trees

Dear People, today I am going to write about a project I am doing with some of my classmates in school. We are going around the school, and collect paper on which we could still write or draw on. We used them as scrap paper in our classes. If you want to help save trees, and stop deforestation in almost any part of the world, you should also do this in your school, home, or work office. We are also trying to plant trees in a local park. This will help Earth get back the oxygen and clean air that stopped being produced when forests were cut down. If many people joined and did the same, a very big amount of oxygen, forests, and woodland will be saved. It is very important that you care for your environment, nature, and everything around you. Keep this in mind as you go through your daily life.

Peace, Reka

(PS: If you will do as I recommended, and will save paper and plant trees, then please tell me so in the comments. Thanks.)