Paper and Trees 2

Dear People, you might have already read my first ‘paper and trees’ post, and if you didn’t, then I advise you to read it before this post. So, I got an idea during the weekend, and when I told it to my classmates, they also really liked it. My idea is that we shred the scrap paper we collect, and use it as bedding for pet rodents. Aren’t I a genius?! Normal bedding for rodents is made of wood, and the paper we are using would have gone to the trash if we wouldn’t have saved it, so by making the bedding, and using it, we are saving trees in two ways at once! We are also planning to sell the bedding, if we get enough, so keep checking on my blog to get more information on the project later on! It would save even more trees if you, and your family and friends would make, sell, and use scrap paper bedding. If you do decide to help stop deforestation, then please say so in the comments. Thanks!

Peace, Reka


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