Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest

Dear People, I do think that you know what the Amazon Rainforest is. But I do not know what you think of it. Which picture comes to your mind when you hear someone say ‘Amazon Rainforest’?

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You could see both of them. In real life too. They both exist. But not for long, unless we do something.  Deforestation is taking place in the Amazon Rainforest right now! Did you know that you are causing it too? You get medicines, food, and wood from the rainforest. Chocolate, coconut, palm oil, coffee, vanilla, cinnamon, pepper and beef are just some of the food grown in the Amazon, and regularly used by us, humans. One and a half acres of rainforest is cut down each second from the Amazon Rainforest. It is your footprint, and you are the one who can stop it. Here are some ideas how to slow the deforestation:

 – Use less paper and wood. Many kinds of wood comes from the Amazon Rainforest. We don’t only use it as wood, but for paper, too.

-Eat less beef. Most of the tree-less land become cow farms. That is the main reason that people cut the Amazon, not for it’s wood.

-Support organizations who stop the deforestation in the Amazon. It does not have to be direct help. If you help the people who help, you will be helping the rainforest too.

-Make protected areas. I know you can not do this directly, but if you help support people who do, we could make areas in the rainforest untouched by tree-cutting, a safe place for animals to live.

-Eat less food grown, or raised in the Amazon rainforest. Chocolate, coconut, palm oil, coffee, vanilla, cinnamon, pepper and many other kinds of food are grown in the land where the trees once were.

These are just some ways to decrease the number of trees cut down from the Amazon  Rainforest, and your ecological footprint. I hope that with my facts I have shown you, I was strong enough to influence you, and that you will try to decrease your footprint.

Peace, Reka


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  1. Blanka says:

    Wow, I did not know I can actually help saving the rainforest in such easy ways. I will definitely eat less beef ( eating less meat in general is healthier anyway) and drink less coffee too. I am not sure about chocolate because it is so yummie but of course I will do my best in order to save the Amazon Rainforest!


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